Google Domains

As it assumes it’s final “internetical” form, google plans on covering the full spectrum of services related to all things web.

The time has arrived for it to offer it’s own registrar service: Google Domains.

Still in Beta, still only available in the U.S., through a invite-only system.

If you want to know more check this sneak preview video by James Welbes and follow to the Unofficial Community on Google+.

Note to self:

I’m amazed how everything works so well in NameCheap – the opposite experience one has with GoDaddy (them gaylord fockers).

I took one day to point a domain I have (had) in GayDaddy to and external hosting provider – everything is sticky and slow there.

NameCheap control pannel works flawlessly and everything is snappy.

Kudos NameCheap!

3333 dias

Este domínio faz hoje 3333 dias (03/11/2005, excel dix it).

Avisei o primeiro ministro e o presidente da república mas ainda não obtive resposta.

Aproveito para deixar aqui a promessa de que no ano que entra vou retomar o uso de desodorizante.. isso e actualizar os dados para Google Earth que pululam por aqui.

Um abraço.